note /// custom pieces are currently taking 1-2 weeks with the holidays approaching so keep this in mind when ordering tie dye pieces for gifts :) we are working as fast as we can! <3

tie dye socks in 'sorbet'
tie dye socks in 'sorbet'
tie dye socks in 'sorbet'

tie dye socks in 'sorbet'

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urban warfare nyc's hand dyed bamboo socks in 'stardust', a subtle mix of pastel pinks, purples, blues + oranges.  

✔️super soft (softer than cotton!), neutral, monochrome tie dye socks
✔️made with fade-proof professional textile dyes that won't lose it's color with repeated washings
✔️made from sustainable bamboo, which is a renewable alternative to cotton that grows fast without pesticides + chemicals
✔️naturally antibacterial, keeping your feet healthy + fresh :)
✔️naturally moisture-wicking, to keep feet dry + warm
✔️ very breathable fabric, adjusts to temperature changes, making them perfect for all seasons
✔️one size fits most (adult sizes)
✔️suitable for all skin types, including allergy-prone
✔️anti-static so they won't cling to skin

processing time: 1-5 days

note /// each pair of socks is hand dyed so please allow for some variability in color concentration/pattern, as each pair is unique.

tie dye socks in 'sorbet'